About The Artist

“Today’s revolutionaries truly stand on the shoulders of those who labored and sacrificed before us. Ray Eaglin’s positive contributions to build grassroots groups were countless and subtle, and like many ordinary soldiers, Ray was a dedicated comrade with an excellent sense of humor, a master wordsmith and a friend, whom I think about every day.”

                  – Chuck Armsbury

A Timeline

A chronological journey through the life of global legacy and  prolific artist  Raymond Eaglin.


Ray Eaglin, Texas-born football player, served in the Marines. Attended University of Oregon, played football until injured, studied art. Influential in social issues, member of Black Panther Party in Eugene. Moved to Portland in 1976, continued endeavors.


The Life & Legacy of Raymond Eaglin

Chronology from exhibitions "Raymond Eaglin" from various locations in Oregon, 1950-2000.

Compiled by Kari Alsherif Turner

The Spinner - Pastel Drawing 26” x 20” - 1990
  © The Estate of Raymond-Eaglin

History & Beyond

Raymond Eaglin, a Texan, achieved athletic success before joining the Marines. He pursued studies at the University of Oregon, where he played football until an injury redirected his focus to art. He became influential in social activism as a member of the Black Panther Party in Eugene. Later, in Portland, he continued leaving a lasting legacy.


Chronology from exhibitions "Raymond Eaglin" from various locations in Oregon, 1963-2000.

Compiled by Kari Alsherif Turner

1 - 23
  1. 1950-Present Freelance Artist
  2. Creating artwork using various mediums
  3. Gallery Exhibitions: University of Oregon 1964-1969
  4. Mt. Hood Mental Health Center 1977
  5. Portland State University 1979
  6. Concordia College 1981
  7. Reed College 1981
  8. Cascade College 1982
  9. Portland Community College 1982
  10. St. Andrews Catholic Church 1984-1986
  11. Department of Fish and Wildlife State of Oregon 1989
  12. Juvenile Detention Center Woodburn, OR 1989
  13. Kaiser Sunnyside Medical Office 1991
  14. Humboldt Elementary School 1992
  15. King Grad School 1993
  16. Willie Harris House of Sounds 1992 to 1994
  17. Saturday Market 1996
  18. St. Mary’s Academy 1999
  19. Interstate Firehouse Cultural Center 2000
  20. Urban League of Portland 2000
  21. Garlington Center Mental Health Therapist 1990-1994
  22. Art therapist in mental health facility, where he instructed clients in a diverse assortment of art mediums, and taught clients how to swim, cook and produce newsletters.
  23. Ray received a B.S. in Political Science from University of Oregon